Leon Rowland

Software Architect

North Brabant, Netherlands
leon@rowland.nl https://leon.rowland.nl


A 33 year old Software Architect born in The United Kingdom and currently living in The Netherlands. With 9+ years of building internal and external software. With the more recent years focused on evaluating legacy software and providing a systematic, documented approach to their improvements and work effort to get software on the business track.

Providing detailed account for the work required and currently underway, reviewing the work submitted under multiple programming disciplines and teaching the principles necessary for a clean work procedure and a clearer end product.

In combination with a dedication to write code that is functional, clear and adherent to the given expected standards, internally and externally.


Digital Ocean (100%)
PHP (95%)
SOLID (95%)
Vagrant (90%)
Git (90%)
Jira (90%)
Bamboo (90%)
DDD (90%)
TDD (90%)
Bitbucket (90%)
Github (90%)
Scrum (90%)
Technical Direction (90%)
Hexagonal Architecture (90%)
JavaScript (75%)
NodeJS (75%)
Puppet (75%)
Docker (75%)
WordPress (75%)
Laravel (70%)
VueJS (70%)
Asterisk (70%)
Symfony (60%)
Kubernetes (50%)


Magneds Head of Development

February 2017 - Present

Technical Direction DDD TDD Jira Bitbucket Bamboo Vagrant PHP NodeJS Laravel Symfony Digital Ocean Puppet VueJS Docker Hexagonal Architecture Scrum
  • An internal study and analysis on the existing applications and software, leading into produced documents describing pain points, areas of improvements and alignments between business expectation and output.
  • Progressive improvements based off that study that improved many distinct parts, from development environment improvements to code structure to principles
  • Implemented a framework built up from PSR, Symfony and Laravel components to get a more standard approach of development, while also support legacy improvement and investment already made
  • A move away from dedicated hardware that ran all projects simultaneously to a distributed cloud setup with variant costs per client
  • A split of the software into different projects for the frontend and the backend to homogenise the implementation between native apps and websites
  • Introduced, presented and taught Hexagonal architecture throughout all programming discipline teams to meet the unique product requirements
  • Ensured the work met the scalable needs of supporting some of the biggest supermarket, petrol and entertainment businesses in Europe
  • Ensured CHANGELOGs, READMEs and internal documents on Confluence followed a readable style and standards.
  • Lead the development team and surrounding teams into SCRUM methodologies
ClearVox Lead Developer

March 2014 - February 2017

Technical Direction PHP TDD DDD SOLID Laravel NodeJS Vagrant Puppet Asterisk Bamboo Scrum
  • Lead architect for infrastructure of the entire new platform. Including the deciding factor in what technologies and implementations to carry on with.
  • Prepared entire Virtual Machine for current and future developers to get setup quickly.
  • Build complete Puppet scripts to handle development and live releases.
  • Prepared the system for large scalable usages, to handle taking over the existing platform in a cheaper and more efficient manner.
  • Learnt and implemented the full Asterisk telephone stack for a multi tenant system.
  • Handled the changes required for a better release cycle for the previous platform.
  • Ensured a 100% assurance in its quality since it was distributed on physical hardware installed at unreachable locations, like Cruise Ships
Pronamic Backend Developer

January 2013 - March 2014

WordPress PHP JavaScript Git Github TDD
  • Built many WordPress websites with a focus on turnaround for their deadlines
  • Discussions and implementations of improvements to reduce time on duplicate tasks required for the development team
  • Learnt and implemented many improvements and features related to the iDeal platform for the main WordPress plugin
  • Encouraged and helped introduce many of the development team towards Version Control over existing FTP processes.
  • Built many WordPress plugins, both for common elements between all projects, new community plugins and paid plugins.
Fisk Backend Developer

July 2011 - January 2013

PHP JavaScript WordPress
  • Built a church intranet for a collection of churches in the region.
  • Built a QR store system for Dokkum that had many stores involved and a event weekend in the city centre
  • Many WordPress websites