Leon Rowland

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A 28 year old lead senior developer from the United Kingdom, with 5+ years of building internal and external websites and preparation and building other software systems. Making improvements to existing large value systems, from better release flows to more stable releases that provided value to the end user and developers.




PHP, Node.js, Puppet, Vagrant, Asterisk, Laravel, PHPUnit, Git, Scrum, Jira, Bamboo

Lead Developer March 2014 - Present
  • Lead architect for infrastructure of the entire new platform. Including having final say and choice over what technologies and implementations to carry on with.
  • Prepared entire Virtual Machine for current and future developers to get setup quickly.
  • Build complete Puppet scripts to handle development and live releases.
  • Prepared the system for large scalable usages, to handle taking over the existing platform in a cheaper and more efficient manner.
  • Learnt and implemented the full Asterisk telephone stack for a multi tenant system.
  • Handled the changes required for a better release cycle for the previous platform.


WordPress, PHP, Javascript, PHPUnit, iDeal, Git

Backend Developer January 2013 - March 2014
  • Built many WordPress websites with quick completion deadlines.
  • Discussions and implementations of improvements to reduce time on duplicate tasks required for the development team.
  • Learnt and implemented many improvements and features related to the iDeal platform for the main WordPress plugin.
  • Encouraged and helped introduce many of the development team towards Version Control over existing FTP processes.
  • Built many WordPress plugins, both for common elements between all projects, new community plugins and paid plugins.


PHP, WordPress, CodeIgniter, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Git

Backend Developer July 2011 2013 - January 2013
  • Built a church intranet for a collection of churches in the area.
  • Built a QR store system for Dokkum that had many stores involved and a event weekend under ‘heavy’ usage.
  • Many WordPress Websites


BTEC National Diploma in Software Development, UKSeptember 2005 - June 2007